Absolutely Free Pick-up & Delivery of your dry cleaning

Welcome to the greatest thing since sliced bread, popped corn, and newborns sleeping through the night.

So how does it work?

  1. We supply you with 2 VIP Bags and assign you either as a Monday/Thursday Account or a Tuesday/Friday Account
  2. On any of your assigned days YOU leave a bag on your front porch or in an area you designate by 8 am
  3. We visit your area, handle your items with care and rush them back to you on the very next assigned day
  4. You're automatically billed in the way you designate, either by credit card or monthly statement
  5. You relax, knowing you’ve saved time in your day!


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  1. A friendly Lifestyle Garment Care team member will contact you to take care of the minor details.
  2. A driver will be at your house on the next delivery day!
  3. Piece of cake acheived!
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Our friendly drivers pick up and deliver your garments, saving you loads of time! Yet another way Lifestyle Garment Care is Rising Beyond Expectations.

Lifestyle Garment Care Benefits
  • FREE VIP Express Bags as a convenience in your closet and a time saver when you bring an order in.
  • Automatic Credit Card billing or Charge Accounts to save you time when picking an order up.
  • FREE Garment Storage for your winter and summer wardrobes to free up closet space.
  • Expert Cleaning of Fine Washables and Intimate Apparel
  • Casual Wear Experts - We keep your dockers, shorts, khakis, polos, golf shirts, and more looking professional, clean, crisp, and Dressed for Success.
  • Minor Repairs completed at NO CHARGE
  • Custom Hangers to keep your garments looking right until you choose to wear them again.
  • Expert Stain Removal by professionally schooled and trained individuals that care.