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Keeping Midland, Bay City and Sagniaw comfy in style

You buy them because you love to wear them, they look and feel good on you, and they keep you comfortable. Only OUR special cleaning process keeps colors looking bold and whites looking bright while maintaining the integrity of the yarns. Yes, it requires extra time and effort. Our customers tell us they appreciate it. Each sweater is returned to you in a unique, breathable, protective bag ready for your drawer or shelf until the next time you wear it like you did the first time.



Lifestyle Garment Care Benefits
  • FREE VIP Express Bags as a convenience in your closet and a time saver when you bring an order in.
  • Automatic Credit Card billing or Charge Accounts to save you time when picking an order up.
  • FREE Garment Storage for your winter and summer wardrobes to free up closet space.
  • Expert Cleaning of Fine Washables and Intimate Apparel
  • Casual Wear Experts - We keep your dockers, shorts, khakis, polos, golf shirts, and more looking professional, clean, crisp, and Dressed for Success.
  • Minor Repairs completed at NO CHARGE
  • Custom Hangers to keep your garments looking right until you choose to wear them again.
  • Expert Stain Removal by professionally schooled and trained individuals that care.