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Why choose us over other Dry Cleaners in Midland and Bay City?

Lifestyle Garment Care: Rising beyond expectations

At Lifestyle Garment Care our number one goal has always been to be the “Best Dry Cleaner in the World.” How do we accomplish this? We do it by providing every customer with the highest quality cleaning and best possible service. Every day.

True value in garment care

We believe the greatest value comes from prolonging the life of our customer’s garments, and making those garments look the best they possibly can. FACT: Regularly using Lifestyle Garment Care can save you money that would normally be spent replacing garments that have stains “the other guys” just can’t remove, or garments that have “uglied out” or “worn out” due to shortcuts taken.

ROur Quality vs. The Competition

Most cleaners use a cleaning method based on “filtration” which allows the redistribution of other people’s dirt on your garments. It would be like taking a bath in someone else’s bath water. Why would a cleaner do that? Because it’s cheaper. Does it shorten garment life? Yes, but it’s cheaper. Does it dull both light and dark colors? Yes, but it’s cheaper.

FACT: Lifestyle Garment Care uses fresh, pure solvent with every load. We simply won’t take the “filtration” shortcut like other cleaners. BENEFIT: Superior garment life. Brighter colors. No dirt from other people’s garments. You end up looking great.

When it comes to Shirts, most other cleaners use a highly alkaline soap that abrades your shirt’s fibers, reducing its useful life by up to 50%. This ends up making white shirts look grey and colored shirts look dull and faded. Why would a cleaner use highly alkaline soaps to clean your shirts? Because it’s cheaper. Does it shorten a shirt’s life? Yes, but it’s cheaper.


FACT: Lifestyle Garment Care uses the best soap available. It’s pH skin sensitive and uses enzymes; so white shirts look “Bright White” and colored shirts look “Bold” rather than dull. BENEFIT: Terrific shirt life. Soft on your skin. Vivid colors that make you stand out in a crowd.

Simply outstanding customer service

At Lifestyle Garment Care we’re filled to the brim with outstanding individuals working together to serve you to the best of our ability. It’s a core philosophy we call “Servant Leadership”: All of us are responsible for improving our ability to serve on a consistent basis.

Our team receives ongoing training for industry skill sets, customer service, personal development, problem solving and creative thinking. It comes down to our desire for each and every visit with us to be the best retail experience you’ve ever had. From ANY company. More about our highly dedicated team

Convenience taken to the max

We all loathe nuisance errands. So why do them at all? That’s our take on the matter, and why we offer completely FREE Pick-up & Delivery to your home or office. It’s so easy. Spending two minutes signing up today will save you hundreds of hours this year alone. Follow this link to our sign-up form and consider unnecessary errands a thing of the past.

And if FREE Pick-up & Delivery isn’t enough, consider our always present Same Day Service: If it’s in by 8, it’s ready by 5. You can’t beat that kind of prompt attention. Find out more on our Services page.

Wide range of top-quality services

Our expertise and passion doesn’t stop with garment care. Whether it’s our Household Services such as Comforter or Duvet Cleaning, Wedding Gown Preservation, or one of our many other services, we continue to rise beyond expectations every time. So read on and see our full line of services.

Ready to let us serve you?

If you’re ready to experience the best in drycleaning, visit one of our locations today, or take just a couple of minutes to sign up for FREE Pick-up & Delivery. We’re confident that once you try us, you’ll never want to go back to “the other guys” down the street.

Still not convinced? Contact us and we’ll answer any questions you might have. Remember: It’s our job to serve you to the best of our ability.


It's such a pleasure for us to serve Midland and Bay City areas. See locations

“Regularly using Lifestyle Garment Care can save you money that would normally be spent replacing garments”